Announcement Regarding Safety Unlimited Classroom Training (REVISED 06-15-21)
As of June 15, 2021, California has removed the Blueprint and has mostly reopened the State. To this end, all of our classrooms will resume normal operations and student enrollment. We will continue to frequently wipe down our facilities to maintain cleanliness. The wearing of masks is optional for students. We are available for onsite as well as traveling course training. Any student showing signs of illness should NOT attend our training.

Upcoming Online Training Courses

Add Your Own Online Training Content

If you have specific online training content you would like to offer your employees but do not want to purchase your own Learning Management System (some LMSs are priced at over $100,000.00), allow Safety Unlimited, Inc. to host your online training.

For a reasonable price, we can convert your content into an online training format, such as html, or, if necessary, we can even load your course content in its original form, including MSWord™ or Adobe™ pdf).

Typical employee online training may include:

  • Company policies;
  • Employee orientation;
  • Emergency plans;
  • New items;
  • Required refresher programs; or
  • Human resources training.

This program works especially well for companies with multiple locations.

Interested in adding your online training content? CONTACT US

Upcoming Courses

HAZWOPER Online Training Courses (29CFR1910 .120 & 29CFR1926 .65)

Hazmat Incident Commander
FRO Decon (requires ½ day of hands-on training)
Fire Service Mass Decon (requires ½ day of hands-on training)
Hazmat Rescue

Department of Transportation Online Training Courses (DOT - 49CFR)

Hazardous Materials Transportation Intermediate and Bulk Packaging
Hazardous Materials Transportation Cargo Tank Inspections
Hazardous Materials Transportation Hazardous Materials Table and Special Provisions
Hazardous Materials Transportation Loading and Segregation
Hazardous Materials Transportation Training requirements
Hazardous Waste Manifesting Course

Emergency Medical Services ( EMS ) Online Training Courses

EMT Initial (requires hands-on training) [Issued from California and good in most places. Check your local requirements.]
1st Aid

Laboratory Safety Online Training Courses

Risk Assessment and Control Measures for Laboratory Operations
Hazard Communication for Laboratory Workers
Chemical Hygiene in Laboratories
Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) and Engineering Controls
Using Radiation in the Laboratory
Working With Biological Hazards in the Laboratory
Laboratory Waste Management
Laboratory Safety Inspections
Emergency Procedures for Laboratory Workers

Incident Command Systems ( ICS ) Online Training Courses


Other Courses

Continuing Education Credits