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REVISED 6-15-21
As of June 15, 2021, California has removed the Blueprint and has mostly reopened the State. To this end, all of our classrooms will resume normal operations and student enrollment. We will continue to frequently wipe down our facilities to maintain cleanliness. The wearing of masks is optional for students. We are available for onsite as well as traveling course training.
Any student showing signs of illness should NOT attend our training.

Customer Comments

Our Number One Source of Business is Customer Referrals

Our customers are very satisfied after completing their safety training with us, whether they take their initial HAZWOPER Training, HAZWOPER Refresher, or any other online course we offer. We take pride in what we do, and always welcome and encourage feedback from our customers. Below are just a few of the things customers have had to say about us.

Online Training Comments

I have been in the safety field for 25 years. I believe that I learned more from your course than I have from many others.

Charles Tanner - Government Contractor, Fort Worth, Texas

The course was thorough and getting enrolled was very quick and easy. I needed to complete the course quickly and I was done in one day. Thanks.

Daniel Haug - MACTEC, Austin, Texas

Classroom Training Comments

The training was excellent. The material covered was very understandable, practical and interesting. The instructor is very knowledgeable and experienced on the subject. He presented the material in a fun and interesting fashion. All the class participants, including operations personnel and maintenance technicians were very impressed with the training. I highly recommend this training to managers that have responsibilities for hazardous materials. The education is essential to understand their responsibility and how to properly handle emergencies involving hazardous substances.

Scott Speakman, Safety Engineer - Imation Corporation, Camarillo, California

I was pleasently suprised that I didn't need an instructor in front of me to complete this course. It was nice to have an instructor available in case I needed them. after this experience I would do it again with Safety Unlimited.

Charlie B., Safety Technology Services, Inc

EMT Refresher Comments

Thanks a lot this was a lot of help and helped me understand the EMT-b task better.

Eric Tindle - EMT, U.S. Forest Service, Ojai, California

"Thank you. I think the training provided was thorough and very good. I enjoyed it. The videos about decon process was excellent."

Tuong Nguyen