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About Online Group Training

Group Setting Option

Multiple students using one computer

For many of our online courses, Safety Unlimited, Inc. offers an option that allows students to take the training together in a group setting. Since the training is fully narrated, students can view the course material together using a single display and speakers sufficient for each student to see and hear the course.

How Group Training Happens

One student is designated as the “Lead Student.” It is the Lead Student who logs into his or her account and goes through the online training while the other students, designated as “Attendees,” follow along.

Because the Lead Student is logged into their account, he or she will automatically receive credit for taking the training, and can take any exams as they become available.

Attendees will not automatically receive credit as they are NOT logged into their account at that time. A Group Training Roster is needed in order for the Attendees to receive credit for the training they went through with the Lead Student.

Download Group Training Roster

Getting Started

  1. Each student in the "Group" must have his or her own student account and be enrolled in the exact same course. The easiest way to enroll a Group is to use the online Multiple Student Enrollment Form.
  2. The group goes through the bulk of the training together while one student is logged into his or her account, but each student must sign into his or her account to take any required exams.
  3. At the end of training, the Group Training Roster must be filled out at the top, signed by each student, and either faxed or emailed back to us. Contact Us
  4. As each student finishes the training, he or she will be able to print off any certificates and will be sent an ID card, if applicable.
Group Training is not allowed for the online versions of the OSHA 10 and 30 Hour courses (per OSHA) or EMS and Nursing courses.