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Safety Unlimited Mission Statement

Safety Unlimited, Inc. is dedicated to providing high-quality training and consulting that promotes worker safety, preserves the environment, and adheres to Federal, State, and local laws. Through this training and consulting, Safety Unlimited, Inc. intends to develop valuable individuals who help create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces.

Continuing Education Mission

Safety Unlimited, Inc. is dedicated to providing continuing education training that promotes worker safety; preserves the environment; and adheres to Federal, State, and local laws.

Our training sets goals for students in the form of learning objectives, provides information that will allow students to meet those goals, and tests students during and after training to ensure the goals are being met. These goals focus on the safe performance of workplace duties, and certification serves as an indicator of student comprehension.

It is the goal of Safety Unlimited, Inc. to ensure training, both online and in the classroom, is current and diverse, and presented in a manner that fosters comprehension in the most effective way possible. This includes updating our course content, as well as the methods by which it is delivered, as new information and more effective teaching methods are identified.

Our ultimate objective is to provide excellent training that will help students find jobs and, as a result, create safe and healthy workplaces.

Emergency Medical Services Educational Mission

At Safety Unlimited, Inc., we encourage quality and believe our strengths have been, and will continue to be, people—their flexibility, their responsiveness, and their willingness to meet the needs of our students and community. We believe that building on these strengths provides an educational experience appropriate to the students’ needs. Our programs are designed for the new and continuing Emergency Medical Services student, offering Emergency Medical continuing education for EMTs and Paramedics.

OSHA Consulting Mission

In compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations, Safety Unlimited, Inc.’s consulting services are intended to create and maintain safe workplaces through the identification of existing or potential workplace hazards, the recommendation of hazard remediation, and the development of workplace safety programs intended to increase hazard awareness and improve worker health and safety.