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About This Training

The term "Competent Person" is used in many OSHA standards and documents. An OSHA "competent person" is defined as "one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them."

By way of training and/or experience, a competent person is knowledgeable of applicable standards, is capable of identifying workplace hazards relating to the specific operation, and has the authority to correct them.

This one-day classroom Trenching and Excavation Competent Person Training course goes far beyond the basic awareness level that many OSHA courses provide for trenching and excavation. Since the competent person is required to make critical decisions, they must receive much more in-depth training in order to create a safe environment for workers, as outlined in the OSHAs standards.

This course will help the competent person answer important job site questions such as: Are there adequate means of access and egress? Are adjacent structures stabilized? Does the procedure require benching or multiple benching, shoring, or shielding? Are means of egress from the cut, cavity, or depression no more than 25 feet from the work?

These, and many more, are the kinds of questions a competent person on a trenching or excavation site should be asking. While there is no substitute for real-world hands-on experience, this Trenching and Excavation Competent Person course will go a long way in providing a good foundation of knowledge from which a worker can create a safer excavation work environment.

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What Topics Does This Training Cover?

The Safety Unlimited, Inc. Trenching and Excavation Competent Person course is designed to help you meet OSHA's training requirements.

  • Definitions of Key Terms Used in the OSHA Excavation Standards;
  • OSHA Requirements for being a Competent Person;
  • General Hazards Associated with Trenching and Excavation Work;
  • Requirements for Locating and Working Near Underground Utilities;
  • Dangers Associated with Water Accumulation;
  • Access and Egress from Trenches and Excavations;
  • Exposure to Vehicular Traffic;
  • Identifying and Addressing Potential Atmospheric Hazards Associated with Excavation Work;
  • Soil Testing and Classification System (per appendix A of the OSHA excavation standard);
  • Requirements for Protective Systems;
    • Sloping and Benching
    • Shoring
    • Trench Boxes
  • Competent Person Inspection Requirements;
  • OSHA Directives and Interpretations Related to Trenching and Excavation;
  • OSHA Enforcement Inspections at Trenching and Excavation Sites;