Announcement Regarding Safety Unlimited Classroom Training (REVISED 3-20-20)
In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all but a few critical employees are working from home. Meanwhile, we’ve had many inquiries about whether we are still providing classroom training. We will continue holding some mission-critical, in-person classes, primarily training for emergency responders and those in the medical field. Our instructors will continue traveling to some locations by vehicle, not by air. We have also implemented rigorous cleaning and social distancing practices in our classroom training: wiping down all surfaces and equipment before and after use and keeping classes small enough to allow the recommended 6-foot distance between students. Any student showing signs of illness should NOT attend our training.

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Safety Unlimited, Inc. instructors can travel almost anywhere to provide the highest quality work-safety training.

Including OSHA HAZWOPER, HAZMAT, and much more. We conduct training across the United States and have traveled as far away as Japan.

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Pricing Guidelines

The table below provides rough guidelines for the cost of bringing classroom training to you. A full-day session lasts 4 to 8 hours and a half-day session is 1 to 4 hours. These prices are intended as a guideline and starting point only.

Additional costs may include: travel, equipment shipping, classroom rental, and other class-specific expenses. However, because we have a network of instructors all over the United States, travel costs are not automatic.

Duration Starting Price
1/2 Day Session $1000 per day
3/4 Day Session NEW $1250 per day
1 Day Session $1500 per day
2 Day Sessions (Consecutive) $1400 per day
3 Day Sessions (Consecutive) $1300 per day
4 Day Sessions (Consecutive) $1200 per day
5 Day Sessions (Consecutive) $1100 per day