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There are many fraudulent certificates out there. Safety Unlimited, Inc. will gladly check the validity of any certificate that we have issued.

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Certificate Verification Policy

Additionally, Safety Unlimited, Inc. will verify that the student name appearing on the certificate did in fact enroll in, complete, and pass the course listed on the certificate. Safety Unlimited, Inc. makes no other promises or warranties about the certificate, or the individual in possession of the certificate.

Verifications can take up to 72 hours to complete. If needed sooner, once this form is submitted, please call (888) 309 - SAFE (7233) to inform our office about the need to expedite the verification process.

Note: You must complete all the fields below, or the request cannot be processed.

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Each Safety Unlimited, Inc. Certificate of Completion and Wallet ID Card contains a certificate number that is unique to you.

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