Using the Current Emergency Response Guidebook

OSHA Hazmat Emergency Responder per 29 CFR 1910.120(q) & 1926.65(q)

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Who Should Take This Course?

This course is intended to provide in-depth instruction on how to use the current Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG).

This training is included in our online First Responder Awareness (FRA) and First Responder Operations (FRO) courses, but can be taken independently from that training.

The most current version of the Department of Transportation (DOT), Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) is required for this course. Students have the options of either using a downloadable version of the ERG, which is available to all students, or having a printed copy of the guidebook shipped to them. If the student chooses a print copy, the cost of the training is $29.95. This option must be selected during the sign-up process.

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Course Objectives

The objectives of this Using the Emergency Response Guidebook course is are intended to train emergency responders in the proper and effective use of the most current Emergency Response Guidebook.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Explain the use of each of the colored sections;
  • Identify hazardous materials in the guidebook using different criteria;
  • Establish safe distances for specific hazardous materials; and
  • Much more.

Course Outline

This course is divided into 8 sections. It is recommended that students take each section in sequential order, though this is not required.

Course Exam

This course has a final exam based upon the content covered in the course. The exam consists of 10 questions randomly selected from a larger pool of questions. A score of 70% or better is required to pass the exam. Students who do not pass the exam the first time may retake the exam as many times as necessary in order to pass.

Course Sections

This course consists of 8 sections.

Course Outline
Module Section Title
Module 1
Section 1 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) Overview
Section 2 ERG White Pages Quiz
Section 3 ERG Yellow-bordered & Blue-bordered Pages
Section 4 ERG Yellow-bordered & Blue-bordered Pages Quiz
Section 5 ERG Orange-bordered Pages
Section 6 ERG Orange-bordered Pages Quiz
Section 7 ERG Green-bordered Pages
Section 8 ERG Green-bordered Pages Quiz
Course Exam


This training is brought to you by a team of OSHA Certified Outreach Trainings and is based on their experience using and general training requirements for the Emergency Response Guidebook.

Training Requirements

Properly training emergency responders should have a solid understanding of how to use the Emergency Response Guidebook. This book can aid in the identification of hazardous materials, and will provide safe handling methods, safe distances, and more. All of this information is critical in emergency responses involving the release of hazardous materials and can save lives.

Check with your employer to ensure you have the appropriate training for your job and, if applicable, your role as an emergency responder.

Additional Training

Additional training may be warranted depending on the expected role of the emergency responder and their level of involvement. This may include site-specific training, additional emergency response training, and training in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) specific to the hazards.

Additional training in the use of any personal protective equipment or clothing used as part of emergency response is required and should be provided by your employer.

Workers must receive additional training, when required by Federal, State, or local regulations, on the specific hazards of their job. Training providers should be used to ensure credibility and augment a company's training program. Therefore, in addition to the training provided by an outside party, a student should receive site-specific training supplied by their employer. This training should target the company's unique approach to hazard prevention, including the use of site-specific equipment, health and safety policies, and emergency procedures. As a rule, this company-specific training should be well documented.

The bottom line in ALL SITUATIONS is that employers are required to ensure that their employees are adequately trained to do their job.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

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Our courses are set up to take a specific amount of time. Some students may get through the training more quickly, while others may take longer to complete their training. This course will take around 1 hour to complete.

Remember, this training should be used as an intricate tool in the context of an overall training program; it can be combined with other training throughout the year in order to meet any hour requirements needed.

No, our courses are designed so you can start and stop as needed, allowing you to break the training up over a longer period of time. Our system will keep track of your progress, enabling you to resume where you left off upon your next login. If you need to leave the computer for an extended amount of time you can click the Save Progress and Return to Course Outline link provided in the upper-right corner of the course to save your progress in the course.

Yes, you can take this course by signing in with your username and password from any location and computer with high-speed internet access. However, each computer needs to meet our Basic System Requirements for viewing our online courses.

Yes, once you have completed the course you will be able to download, save, or print a certificate of completion from your student account. Certificates are created in a pdf format. Users must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader before attempting to download the completion certificate.

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